Sustainable Food in Montreal

February 16, 2010 · 0 comments

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Like many others, I believe in eating healthy. It is important to me that eating MY fruits and vegetables are included in my daily diet. What exactly is a “daily diet” anyways? I recently watched Oprah’s episode on sustainable food and the documentary “Food Inc.”. This is worth a watch. Living in Montreal all my life, I have seen the progression of local food appearing in supermarkets. Everything from Quebec cheese to Quebec strawberries are now common items in grocery aisles. I try to support local growers simply by buying the products that are produced as close to where I live as possible. No, not everything I eat is from Quebec or Ontario or Canada for that matter; and I don’t follow a 100 mile diet or eat all organic food. It’s just too hard and it doesn’t suit my lifestyle. Besides, it’s more expensive to eat healthy than it is to eat unhealthy. So the choice is NOT just about healthy food; it’s also about budgeting and indulging in a good meal once in a while. Give a little, take a little, the choice is yours.

More and more, I see myself recognizing and caring more about where my food comes from, how it’s produced, where it’s assembled, etc. I try to get that information as best as I possibly can. Ask the store manager: they’ll tell you. Going to a farmer’s market is a great solution to finding out the answers to the previous questions. In Montreal, we are lucky to have such great markets available to us: The Atwater Market, Jean Talon Market, Lachine Market, and Maisonneuve Market. These places are not a supermarket. Like a trade show, it is a place where each seller is looking to sell, and buyers are there to buy. Every farmer wants to showcase their product as the best, the tastiest, and the most satisfying. Isn’t that a great? The MOST satisfying. The idea here is that farmers want to showcase their food in a way that it is meant to be. Period.

We keep hearing that pesticides and chemicals are being added to many foods we eat today. Strawberries are supposed to be small, sweet, and bright red. Don’t you think there’s something wrong when a strawberry looks like it just came back from the gym? If you can’t wrap the palm of your hand around it, then something is not right. Bread that lasts for weeks is not bread; it is a very successful edible lab experiment. The list can go on and on.

So what am I trying to say? Only buy from markets? Only eat healthy? Only support local growers? Only eat food that does not contain any chemicals, i.e. organic? No. Far from it. These ideals are important and should be performed for the right reasons. These are personal choices that all consumers make on a daily basis. I love eating at diners. I like equally enjoy food that is healthy and unhealthy. Sometimes, you just have to convince yourself to just eat it and enjoy it. Take food for what it is: delicious. I don’t think people use that word enough anymore.

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