From Montreal to Brooklyn, From Smoked Meat to Bagels

February 25, 2010 · 1 comment

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About 2 months ago, Noah Bernamoff took everything Montreal Jewish delicatessens are known for, and transplanted them in a new restaurant called Mile End in Brooklyn, New York (no I haven’t been yet, and no this is not a review). This native Montrealer is replicating traditional dishes from his hometown in true style in a small space where he can offer his childhood favorites,  which many of us can agree with. Some dishes include smoked meat on rye, Wilensky Specials, the mish mash, the beauty, poutine (traditional, vegetarian, or smoked meat), karnatzel, and bagels. But wait! How can you serve New York Bagels in a Montreal-style restaurant? Problem Solved.

Bernamoff used to FedEx bagels from St. Viateur, but that caused some problems. Bagels that were sent one morning would not arrive on time to serve the crowd the following day, and weather delays sometimes made transportation more difficult. Since individual bagels are sold for $2.50 each at Mile End, Bernamoff didn’t feel it was fair to sell them since they were often 2 days old. The solution, call 2 friends still living in Montreal to deliver the bagels themselves. Long-time friends, Joel Tietolman and Jon Leitner, packed 90 dozen hot, fresh St. Viateur bagels into a VW van and drove them to New York overnight last Friday, and hand-delivered them to their long-time friend and owner of Mile End in New York by Saturday morning. Just in time for brunch. By the end of the weekend, 75 dozen had been sold while the rest were used in the daily menu.

The bagels are sold for $20/dozen at Mile End and are HIGHLY recommended that customers order them in advance through their website. Just click the “bagel” link on the bottom of the page to pre-pay and reserve them. If you think that $20 is expensive for Montreal bagels in Brooklyn, think about how they got there, who picked them up and drove them there.

To quote Bernamoff’s reasoning why Montreal bagels are so important:

The Montreal Bagel is unlike any other style of bagel, and its reproduction elsewhere has been attempted, but never successful. Some attribute this to Montreal tap water, used for the dough as well as a honey boiling process prior to the bagels being baked in a wood burning oven. Compared to New York Bagel, the Montreal bagel is smaller, denser, chewier, and slightly sweet. Sesame and Poppy seeded are the two traditional types of Montreal Bagel.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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bageldiaries July 12, 2010 at 3:00 pm

No argument there that Montreal bagels are the best in the world, unique and incredible. I do have to tell you though, that I have a better Montreal bagel shop than St.Viateur, that ships to anywhere at a much more reasonable rate. These bagels are no doubt worth every penny, but I think 20$/dz. is pushing it. Mount Royal Bagel Bakery has a toll free # (1-877-LEBAGEL) Call to order the most amazing bagels ever for 6.95$/dz. plus shipping, depending on where you are. Check out my blog to read more about how much I love this place.


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