Poutine Review: Orange Julep

March 17, 2010 · 4 comments

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Orange Julep by Carole Spandau
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The Orange Julep has been part of Montreal’s go-to culinary destinations for a long time. Where classic cars meet every Wednesday night, the classic orange drink is consumed by the gallons, and one of the most underrated poutine’s in the city, satisfies hunger like no other. Please take note: this is a place where a true poutine should not go unnoticed.

Fries: Perfectly fried to deliciousness, displaying a texture of semi-soft and crispy. These fries do not wither away in the gravy; they bind to the cheese, and give off a great classic diner flavor that can only be experienced here.

Cheese: Simple curds. Nothing our of the ordinary, but when mixed with the gravy, (insert lip smacking sound here). Stringy, salty, and complementing the flavor and texture of the dish, the cheese curds wonderfully play the classic part.

Gravy: The brown savory sauce that brings together the fries and cheese curds like Forrest Gump and Jenny. A great thick sauce that gives off an aroma that can only be enjoyed by those who take their poutine seriously. Smooth, silky, hearty, awesome.

The big orange dot viewable form miles above the air over this city is where many have come for years to experience a drive-in restaurant. Even though this really isn’t a drive-in anymore, the picnic tables outside remind us why we enjoy our food that much more between the sun and a bright orange ball in the middle of a parking lot. Needless to say, the Orange Julep continues to serve hundreds of customers every day who want a taste of all the things that make it what it is: a classic.

Note: To view Carole Spandau’s paintings, similar to the Orange Julep one above, click here.

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david m April 14, 2010 at 2:03 am

totally disagree with this post. the poutine at this place is like what you’d find at a bad small town casse-croute. cheese is all wrong, sauce is powdery gum, fries are single-fried. legacy resto not worth the trip.


Luke January 7, 2011 at 10:21 am

I usually don’t mind single fried fries in poutine if they are crispy enough. However the cheese and the gravy do look horrible, just look at those pics, the cheese is completely melted! Still delicious though but for purists it’s not going to do. And the gravy does look too gummy


Dave Bush May 19, 2011 at 6:48 am

I remember the orange – julep back in the 50’s when I was a child in Montreal. We never went there but I always loved seeing it as we drove by. Was there only one? Brilliant to find it is still there!
Rock on.


PD July 17, 2011 at 8:33 pm

I disagree with the first two replies. The fries and poutine at Orange Julep are delicious, and definitely underrated. When I have a plate of their fries in front of me, I can’t stop eating until they’re gone. Possibly my favourite in all of Montreal.


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