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April 13, 2010 · 3 comments

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Ask any New Yorker about their bagels, and they will easily claim that theirs are the best. Ask any Montrealer about their bagels, and they will claim that theirs is the best. The epic battle of “rolls-with-a-hole” versus “skinny white rings of dough” has been going on for decades, and will never end. No matter what happens, nobody ever switches sides or admits that the other is rather tasty. The bagel alone is delicious, but what do you like to eat it with? Cream cheese, lox, capers, and thin slices of red onions is a classic (and one of my favorites). But the real question in this situation is how do YOU cut your bagels to prepare the perfect one? Do you use a serrated knife and cut across, or do you have a gadget to prevent slicing your finger? I came across a video displaying a new bagel knife that is designed to prevent BRI’s (as the creators of this knife say it…BRI=Bagel Related Injuries), called the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer.

While the product shows how well it cuts through a New York Bagel, I questioned myself and the product as to whether or not this would work on a Montreal bagel? I previously gave these predictions as to why it would not work: our bagels are thinner, crispier, and denser than our counterpart to the south; therefore, the cutting would not be the same and it would come out crooked. Simply put, there is no way this can work for Montreal Bagels. Shortly after that post, I was contacted by a salesperson from the company that produces the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer. After a few emails back and forth, the owners of the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer were very kind to send me one for my testing and review (Thanks!). This knife is surrounded by high impact, food grade reinforced polyproylene (i.e. heavy duty plastic) edges about an inch away from each side of the stainless steel serrated blade in the middle. It has a very good comfortable weight to it, and feels sturdy enough to last a long time. The knife is designed so the blade does not touch your hand; the plastic edges do, thereby protecting you from any cuts that may occur.

I felt as though it would not be right if I were the only one to try out this knife, so I gave it to a chef-friend of mine, Kris Laing, who operates the Mountain Street Kitchen in the Cote de Liesse Sports Club, for testing over 5 days. Kris and his non-culinary trained staff used this knife every day. I received the following feedback from them: “The knife is a sturdy, solid product. Although it cuts the bagel in a fairly decent way, the size of a Montreal bagel prevents a straight cut almost every time”. Since this was along the lines of my expectations, I obviously needed to test the product myself. The result: pretty much the same thing. Good knife, a little bit uneven bagel halves. The reason for this is that the protective edges surrounding the knife are at a perfect distance for the New York Bagel, but not necessarily for a Montreal one.

Although the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer may not have lived up to Montreal bagel standards, there are a few strong points about this knife that should be noted. First, the safety feature of the protective edges are so well designed, that you have to be extremely incompetent to cut yourself with one of these. Second, it is designed so that the visually impaired and those with neurological motor difficulties can easily use this knife without worrying about injuries. A great selling point.

The father and son team of Dr. Dennis and Michael Moss have created a unique and safe bagel knife that prevents BRI’s successfully. Also, the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer was a featured new product in the very popular International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, IL. this past March. This is an innovative product the Moss’s are obviously proud to have invented. Judging from the smiles on their faces, they are having a great time marketing it and I wish them nothing but success in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, please visit

Mountain Street Kitchen, 8305 Chemin Cote de Liesse, St-Laurent, Qc, H4T 1G5

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Jon Suss April 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

If they could come out with the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer 2.0 in which you can adjust the sides for different sized bagels I think they can have a really good selling product for all the bagel makers, and consumers of the world.

I would be happy to help Dr. Dennis and Michael Moss with some brainstorming ideas which would bring this idea to fruition in the best way possible.


Sally North August 4, 2010 at 11:05 am

Hmmm… Montreal Bagels. You know where it’s at. Look at this blog I just read that is holding a vote on whether Montreal or New York bagels are better. Vote for Montreal!


Sere December 22, 2010 at 4:35 pm

This bagel slicer looks great, I always having trouble slicing my bagels ( I am loyal to Montreal bagels from Mount Royal Bagel Bakery) because they are always so fresh.


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