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July 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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I first encountered Fait Ici on Twitter. Actually, they found me. Quite flattering really. After a couple of tweets back and forth, I was invited to “stop by” the store and check it out. I really just wanted to find out who/what Fait Ici is/are. I casually “stopped by” and had a short and sweet introductory conversation with Jackson Wightman and Lindsay Davis, the owners this attractive new place.

Fait Ici, meaning Made Here,  is inspired by local and organic eating. The lovey couple traveled to various farms in the province and surrounding areas so they can interact with many farms, producers of food and household products, in order to find the balance between local and organic choices. These efforts would eventually be displayed at Fait Ici.

What I initially gathered was that they were simply a new-style general store that had a few food items. A place where you can buy diapers, soap, dish towels, baby products, sugar, and dinner. After browsing the wooden shelves and rustic decor, a delicious meatball came my way, which I will get back to later. I only stayed for a few minutes but I knew I had to come back and get the full experience. So I did!

Being the friendly and hospitable people as they are, Jackson (the social media enthusiast) and Lindsay (the food enthusiast and chef) created a sample plate for me upon my most recent visit. A couple of home-made meatballs with a sambal chili mayo, the soon to be famous Fait Ici salad, a few slices of cheese and bread. The meatballs were tender, very well seasoned and spiced, and went great with the mayo.  I would definitely order that again and bring it home for dinner. The salad…THE salad. Crisp romaine with crumbled feta, walnuts, shaved onions, and red pepper slices. Pretty good. But the dressing is what makes this. To what I believe is a maple balsamic dressing, was probably some of the best salad dressing I have ever tasted. I wanted more and more and more. They should seriously bottle it if they haven’t done so already.

Finally: dessert. After sterilizing mason jars and learning how to do it on their own, they filled them with apple compote. Home-made apple compote. Imagine apple pie without the pie. Thin slices of melt in your mouth apples was the perfect end to a great meal.

Sitting on a bar stool with their little dog at my feet, chatting with the owners and their mothers sitting at the front counter (also known as the biker gang) contributed to the Fait Ici experience. This little general store packs a huge punch with amazing organic products and delicious food. Jackson and Lindsay are as friendly as can be and their general store is a perfect fit in the Griffintown area. So next time you’re at the Atwater Market, walk over a couple of blocks and “stop by” Fait Ici.

Fait Ici 2519 Notre Dame Ouest, (514)439-3888

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Jackson Wightman - FAIT ICI July 7, 2010 at 7:35 am

WOW! What a nice post. Thanks so much! Very glad you enjoyed your FAIT ICI experience.

One of the greatest pleasures about opening a shop is the folks you meet and the conversations you have. Great to meet you Dustin and both Linds and I had a great time chatting about food, social media/marketing and a range of other topics.

Do come back anytime.



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