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Cafe Ferreira
Arugula Salad
Grilled Calamari
Corn-Crusted Calamari
Portuguese Chicken

The after 10 table d’hote. A new trend for some; one that has been around for a little while to others. Beginning at 10:00pm, this is a separate menu that a handful of restaurants offer. An appetizer, entree, coffee or tea are the standards. The number of menu items vary between establishments, but the value is definitely there. During regular dinner hours, a meal that may end up being $75 (usually more) per person, an average price of $25 each is all one will spend in this situation. Why would a restaurant do such a thing? Be so generous?

My theory: to increase the chances of customers ordering alcohol. Don’t take this as a negative. This is a VERY smart idea for a restaurant. Factoring in all the costs it takes to produce one table d’hote meal (salaries for chefs, waiters and dishwashers, food costs, maintenance, and all the little things in between), the $25 will allow the restaurant to cover their costs. Knowing that restaurants make most of their money form alcohol sales, the discounted menu gives the customer some breathing room to order a drink or a bottle of wine, generating pure profit. As a customer, this type of menu is very appealing.

Café Ferreira is known as one of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city. A good selection of wine, delicious olive oil with fresh bread, and fantastic company was a recipe for a great night. At first glance, the menu seemed a little too standard with not as much variety as I expected. The appetizers included corn crusted calamari, an arugula and tomato salad, and a soup, which nobody was in the mood for since it was quite hot outside.

The calamari that was initially brought to us was grilled, not what was listed on the menu. Since an error was made, they simply brought us some extra fried calamari that was originally listed (Thanks!). The grilled calamari was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. With a tiny squirt of lemon, this dish was was a great indication of what was to come. The corn-crusted calamari was also as tender as could be. The crispy corn coating added sweetness that you don’t usually find. It was a welcome flavor and not one piece was left on the plate. The arugula and tomato salad was pretty standard. Very well presented, the mound of greens was covered in parmesan shavings on top of bright red fresh tomatoes. Simple, fresh and delicious.

The main coursed also didn’t offer much variety: one fish, one chicken, one pasta. Meh. Nobody ordered the pasta since we knew that Cafe Ferreira is known for their seafood and Portuguese chicken. The fish: salmon on a bed of grilled vegetables,  sweet potato puree and a cherry tomato with (giant) caper salad. The fish was perfectly cooked, and the vegetables were divine. Very fresh. The sweet potato puree added the much needed starch element to the plate with a great texture contrast. The highlight was the tomato and caper salad. I never tasted capers THAT big. The wonderful salty, briny taste with the sweet juicy pop of cherry tomatoes was the highlight here.  The Portuguese chicken was incredible. Tender right to the bone, seasoned beautifully and packed with flavor. The hand-cut french fries were crisp, salty, and very good. Thumbs up.

Café Ferreira= big flavour. For a table d’hote that offered little variety, the dishes left nothing to question. I truly enjoyed the meal from start to finish and I will definitely return. I only wish that next time I go for the after 10 table d’hote, there will be more variety. Guess I’ll have to go back and see.

Café Ferreira 1446 rue Peel, Montréal, QC  H3A 1S8   (514) 848-0988

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