100% Boeuf. 100% AWESOME.

August 20, 2010 · 1 comment

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100% Boeuf
100% Boeuf- Welll Toasted Bun
The Fries
100% Boeuf- Bird's Eye View
100% Boeuf 8oz Patty
100% Perfectly Cooked Boeuf
The Inside of 100% Boeuf
100% Boeuf: The Sign
Highway View of 100% Boeuf
100% Boeuf. 100% AWESOME.
100% Boeuf. 100% AWESOME.

The casse croute: a place where many gather to indulge on greasy wonders produced on flat-top grills, deep fryers, and tiny grills. Hot dogs, burgers, fries, and poutines are staple items.  If you are a fan of the casse-croute, then you know where the best ones are. Often times, they are the small, hole-in-the-wall joints where many walk by knowing exactly what’s there but never show any interest of walking in. Only the smart ones really know.

Driving through our fair province, off the island, it is not uncommon to drive by exactly these types of places. Road side restaurants with a large faded Coca-Cola sign at the edge of a parking lot with no lines. Yes, these truly are the best. And, if you have ever driven up to Mont-Tremblant on the 117, you’ve definitely seen this one. It caught the corner of your eye many times: the large hamburger sign saying restaurant and another sign saying “100% Boeuf”. Yes. THAT magical place. It’s been around for as long as I can remember. I am proud to say that I have childhood memories of driving by it wondering what rests inside. Now I know. Let’s get something straight here. If you read this as “one hundred percent boeuf/beef”, you are wrong. It is simply known as “cent pourcent boeuf”. Moving on.

When I have to opportunity to pass by I HAVE to go in. When someone has never heard of it, I’m shocked and appalled but I understand. All I have to do is show them the light. Only one hour outside of Montreal, 100% Boeuf is a must when passing by. It drags you in like a magnet. This is a place only visited by passers by. Locals are rare, but regulars are a plenty.

So what do you get at 100% Boeuf? How about the most amazing, fall apart, tender, juicy, crispy edged burger I have ever eaten. There is no comparison. With a well toasted bun, and decent amount of fixings, you’re ready to go. Oh ya, and get the fries too. Crispy on the outside, hot and moist on the inside. Just the way it should be. Back to the burger. They don’t ask you how you want it cooked. They just cook it. Trust them, it’s ok. Every bite is better than the last. That sweet smokey flavor lingers in my mouth after. It’s truly intoxicating and for a moment, I am lost.

I was genuinely upset when there was no more of that 8 ounces of beefy goodness. It was just me, my fries, my regular Coca-Cola, and my friend. Humble, full, happy, and sad all at the same time. What a feeling. Guess I’ll get back in the car and continue on my drive. At least I know it will ways be there waiting for me.

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