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This week, Fait Ici will be featuring 5 guest bloggers on their site, including me! My post went up yesterday. Here is an excerpt of what Fait Ici had to say about each of us:

Fait Ici.com/blog: Posted August 27th, 2010

We are thrilled to announce a series of guest posts from some of our favorite bloggers. It starts next week – August 30th, right here. We’ve got 5 posts, by 5 awesome Montrealers – 3 in French, 2 in English. On the roster are:

Epicurbaine: Ariane has a serious passion for all things culinary. We met her at our launch and she is a delight! She’s an up and coming foodie blogger and we just LOVE her stuff.

Read her post here:  Les clichés de l’alimentation

Food Guy Mtl: a true gentleman, this guy flat out LOVES food. It is always fun when he stops by the shop. His writing is marked by its differentiation. He consistently writes about stuff – and in a style – that no other Montreal foodie blogger does.

Read my post here: Preaching Market Fresh

Mindful Table: Amanda is passionate about food and sustainability. Whenever we have a long day at the store and need some inspiration we go and read her stuff – it fuels us. She is DEEPLY knowledgeable about her subject matter and has built a vibrant online community.

Read her post here: Seven golden rules for treading lightly with our food choices

Penser avant d’ouvrir la bouche: Elise’s stuff is always thought provoking. She’s a committed vegan and cares deeply about the ethical side of eating. She has been a great help to our store, even helping us find a great supplier. We continue to learn a lot from her.

Read her post here: La vérité incarnée

Brut Alimentation: Marieve is a nutrition expert. She has forgotten more than we know about food. Her blog, Brut Alimentation, is filled with beautiful images and tonnes of useful content. We are honored that she is taking part in this exercise.

Read her post here: SOLANACÉES une grande famille CULTIVÉES ICI!

This is a really big deal for us. We are eternally grateful to these amazing bloggers. Tune in next week to see what they’ve got to say!

A big thank you to Jackson and Lindsay for this. Such a great idea and very well done! (Bottle that dressing!)

SOLANACÉES une grande famille CULTIVÉES ICI!

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