Dishcrawl 3: Croissant Edition

October 25, 2010 · 0 comments

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The 3rd Montreal Dishcrawl took place at Le Maitre Chocolatier this past Saturday, and this time the theme was croissants. All croissants. Dozens of buttery treats piled up on red serving plates came at us for 2 hours. Over and over again we stuffed our faces and indulged on all types of treats. Plain, almond, chocolate, chocolate-almond, chocolate-pear, chocolate-banana, and cornetti’s all hailed from various bakeries around the city. For the record, I ate way too much. I didn’t know if I was on a sugar high or sleepy from the amount of butter consumed that morning. Probably was both.

Kouign Amann

Almond Croissant: Soft, dense, and sweet, this one was a clear favorite for everyone. I believe that this is the best almond croissant in the city. It’s not flaky, but it is a little dense, which suits it very well.

Plain Croissant (pictured above): This one has all the trademarks of the perfect croissant. Light, airy, flaky, crispy, and buttery. Just amazing and exactly the way it should be.

Chocolate: This was a bit of a let down. I liked it, but it was not a croissant. It’s more along the lines of a pain au chocolat than a chocolate croissant. It was good, but didn’t fit with the theme of the day. No worries since more were on the way out.

Autour d’un Pain

Chocolate and Almond Croissant: If there was a clear winner for the densest and sweetest one of the day, this was it. It was amazing and had everything. Again, this did not fall under the light and fluffy category. It had a nice amount of chocolate and almond so that either one didn’t overpower the other.

Fous Desserts

Pear with Chocolate, and Banana with Chocolate Croissants: Wow. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! The flaky and crisp pastry began on one end while the filling oozed out on the other. The pear and chocolate was a great mix of sweet and a bit savory. The banana and chocolate had a great comforting familiar taste. Both were great and it was a nice surprise to experience these different flavors.

Le Paltoquet

Plain Croissant: These were a little small compared to your average one, but what lacked in size was made up for in flavor. It had a nice airyness and was crispy on the outside. Not too flaky, and the right amount of butter. Pretty good.

Duc de Lorraine

Almond Croissant: Very similar in texture to the Kouign Amann version, this almond croissant did have a great sweetness to it. The almond filling went great with the chewy and soft pastry. I still prefer the Kouign Amann version, but this one is still really good and worth a try.

La Cornetteria

Cornetti: This was the bonus round. After eating 8 croissants, and feeling like I was on the verge of being ill in a good way, I figured what’s one more. The cornetti is a masterpiece croissant. The crispiest and most flaky croissant of the day was filled with a ricotta based cream that explodes through the top. One bite and it’s all around your mouth. It’s impossible not to lick your fingers. This was a welcomed delight.

9 croissants, 2 hours, and 55 people. This was the biggest dishcrawl yet in terms of amount of food and people. Once again, I had a great time eating everything. Consuming this many croissants resulted in a 3 hours nap after the event. It was so worth it.

Great job Baophac and Eatalian Girl for putting together another great event.

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