Le Sieur D’Iberville: Chicken and Gravy All Over

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Le Sieur D'Iberville

L’avenue du Mont-Royal. So many great places to eat. On one end, dine at Le Filet, grab some Venezuelan food from Bocadillos, feast on some of the city’s best croissants at Kouign Amann, slurp on delicious ramen noodles at Saka-Ba, or grab a drink or two at the many funky and cool bars. There’s no doubt this street is alive and fun. It runs through the plateau like the “fleuve” through Quebec. At the very east end, and I mean end, of l’avenue du Mont-Royal sits one of Montreal’s latest gems:Le Sieur D’Iberville. Literally translated to “The Mister Iberville”, this new hot spot is situated right on the corner of Iberville and Mont-Royal. The chef behind it is Stephen Leslie of Taverne on the Square and the Monkland Taverne. I’ve been to both Tavernes, and if you have too, then you know how good they are and how well Stephen runs his restaurants.

As soon as I walked, I loved it. I’m not that detail oriented, but I definitely noticed many, if not all the intricate design elements in this place. The dark wood created a cozy and cool atmosphere. The bar is stunning, the elevated banquettes seem like the place to be, and no matter where you sit, you’ll be in a good spot to watch the game. There’s also a private “dining room” type area in the back with a personalized beer fridge, and TV to make you feel like a true VIP. One of the most outstanding elements is the rotating beer fridge discovered during the renovations while building this restaurant. I really couldn’t believe this beauty was covered up! Who would do such a thing? The fridge rotates vertically, where many many years ago the refrigeration unit was below the restaurant, so all the cold  beverages would be at the bottom. Rotate the drinks, and voila, cold ones from the bottom. So cool.  The other very cool piece requires a deep look towards the kitchen. There lies the only wood-burning rotisserie in the city. It’s mesmerizing to watch the birds roasting and absorbing some of the smoke from the burning wood, while the drippings baste the potatoes slowly cooking below.

Private Area  - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Beer Fridge - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Wood Burning Oven Rotisserie - Le Sieur D'Iberville

I’ve been a bunch of times already; each time the food was fantastic. Here’s a few of my favorite dishes to order.

You may notice the some very large brown bottles around the restaurant. Those are called growlers, and I recommend you get one. It’s filled with 2 liters of beer of your choosing, and it’s fun just to have it on the table. The beer list is concise and well thought out; there’s something for every beer lover. While, you’re taking back a cold one, make sure you order the nachos. House-made chips, topped with grilled corn and tomato salsa, sour cream, smoked cheddar, avocado puree, marinated jalapenos and onion, all covered with beef and pork chili. Sounds like a lot of ingredients, however, there’s just the right amount of everything. This isn’t one of those typical bar-type nachos where everything is on the top and you’re left with a pile of dry chips at at the bottom. Everything is spread out evenly, the flavors are fantastic, and I have ordered these every time. Montreal bars serving nachos: please take notes.

Growler - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Nacho Plate - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Another must-order is the poutine. Dare I say, this is one of the best poutines in the city. I dare, I dare. There’s lots of chicken in this poutine. Let’s start with the fries. Well, they don’t use fries…remember the potatoes roasting in the rotisserie getting lathered with chicken drippings? Ya they use those instead of fries. Smart move. The gravy is made from chicken bones, and fresh herbs (I detected some rosemary, thyme, maybe a little sage); so a chicken gravy. A DELICIOUS chicken gravy. Mixed in are pieces of chicken of course with traditional Quebec cheese curds. Drooling yet? It really is one of the best poutines in the city. Don’t skip it.

Chicken Poutine - Le Sieur D'Iberville

All this is great, but how’s the chicken? First off, it would be impossible to compare this chicken to the established Cote-St-Luc BBQ, Chalet BBQ, Romados, Janos, or any other chickens of the world. Le Sieur D’Iberville’s is different because of the wood burning rotisserie. First, the chicken is brined for a day, then dried for another day, then roasted. It absorbs a faint smokiness from wood and is as tender and juicy as you can possibly get. White meat or dark, both are great. I’ve also had the delicious ribs, so getting the combo chicken and ribs is the way to go in my opinion. The plate comes with a side of fries and a little cup of the chicken gravy. The ribs are sticky, not overly saucy, and fall off the bone tender. The barbecue sauce has the right amount of sweetness and spiciness to not overpower anything else on the plate.

Roasted Chicken - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Chicken and Ribs - Le Sieur D'Iberville

For dessert, the baked chocolate chip cookie was nice, but it was so hot some of the chocolate chips burnt a bit. The generous scoop of ice cream cooled it down nicely, and the cookie dough itself was good. I’d give it another try next time. Also, the peach cobbler, which was a special that night, was phenomenal. The juicy, sweet stewed peaches warmed me up so much I could imagine myself eating this in front of a fireplace in the country. The crumble topping added a great textural component while mellowing out the sweetness of the filling.

Baked Cookie - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Peach Cobbler - Le Sieur D'Iberville

Le Sieur D’Iberville is definitely my go-to destination to watch Habs games now. Out with the commercial bar food, and in with rotisserie chicken! Yes, it’s all the way down Mont-Royal, but trust me, it’s worth a few minutes longer to drive. This restaurant has thought of everything. It’s fun, nice, and the food is great. Overall, it’s a real winner.

Le Sieur D’Iberville: 2490 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, Québec H2H 1L3; (514) 525-4448

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Going tonight following reading this article. Friends and I were looking for a new place to try. Looks like this will be it!


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